5 Free Email Clients for Mac Users For 2022

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We tested and ranked five mail clients that you can mix and match for different businesses.

If you find that the inboxes of your email accounts are becoming too overwhelming, it might be time to consider switching over to a dedicated mail client. This post will help outline some considerations for choosing which one saves more stress while giving you more productivity!

Top reason to use a good email client

We are often distracted by the seemingly never-ending stream of emails in our inbox, which is why we recommend a solution that allows you to focus on what’s important at any given time. Email clients with intelligent filters will make your experience becomes much more efficient because it removes all those pesky distractions from your day.

You can’t spend money fast enough these days when there are so many great apps out there – we use them ourselves because they’re free and make my life easier every single day.

1. Spark Mail

We are a design agency, so we are suckers for good product designs. Spark Mail is more than just a pretty face. It’s brilliant and intuitive to reduce unnecessary noise by only notifying you about emails from people you know. You still will get all your mail, so don’t freak out. It will help reclaim your space for creativity while also giving peace of mind.

The app’s interface feels compact. The search is what shines on this email client, however. It does an excellent job of finding the correct emails. Adding new accounts is darn painless and straightforward.

Bonus: Apple Watch support.

Price: Free for the first 5GB.

2. Zoho Mail

Despite being a heavily Windows-based company, Zoho Mail has a lot to offer for Mac users, and great features on the long run We liked their email client a lot. Remember, we are bringing to you only free tools on this post. We have other paid email clients that can impress the eyes (and the pocket) much more.

Going back to Zoho Mail, though, we recommend it if you’re looking for more corporate-focused software with an online backend platform that will let you manage all your organization in one place. One master account can manage up to 5 email setups, all with their own storage and totally free.

It comes with 5GB of free storage and a desktop app that will filter notifications from services you use from newsletters, and you can easily click on the unread emails filter to get it through the cluster efficiently and fast.

To start the free account, your will need to go to their pricing page and scroll to the bottom where it says “Forever Free Plan,” or click here to go directly to the signup page.

Price: Free for the first 5GB. Number of emails per organization: 5. That’s a total of 25GB of free storage for your company.

3. Edson Mail

Similar to Spark, Edson Mail is super slick and easy to use. With a promise not to invade your privacy and never charge for essential features like spam filters or automatic unsubscribe on emails you don’t want anymore, it’s the perfect email client if you’re looking for something simple that does everything without ever making things overwhelming. You can easily access flight notifications right in the inbox with just one click of an icon next time there are delays at the airport-saving valuable minutes from waiting around!

You can also get refund alerts, weather forecasts, quick unsubscribe from unwanted lists and many other intelligent automation filters that will help to get organized while avoiding constant intruders.

Price: Free.

4. Airmail

Apple products are not only functional, but they’re aesthetically pleasing. Airmail is one of the most popular email clients for Mac and iOS because it looks just like Apple designed it themselves! Its sleek design makes understanding different features easy to do in no time at all–and that’s why this app won an award from Apple Design Awards as a result.

Apple users have had their eye on what apps look good ever since launching its first product way back with beautiful icons and graphics fit for any device (from watches to smartphones). The company’s latest version of macOS, Mojave 10.14 has been given rave reviews by fans who love how well-designed some parts are, including dark mode, which saves battery.

Price: Freemium.

5. Mailspring

Mailspring is a new email client that runs on all major operating systems. It’s free and has everything you need to manage emails across multiple inboxes with ease, like the ability to organize messages into folders for easy sorting or set up rules, so your spam gets filtered automatically.

Mailspring is an innovative software program designed specifically for use by anyone who needs help managing their various types of email accounts in one convenient location, regardless of whether they are using Microsoft Windows 7, Apple Mac OSX Lion 10.7+, You’re running Google ChromeOS 11+ (or any other PC), or even Linux Ubuntu 14+. The installation process takes less than 5 minutes!

Price: Free (2 email accounts limit).


We hope that this article has helped you find an email client and inbox cleaner combo to suit your needs, allowing you to be more productive. If you need more tips on other life hacks, don’t hesitate to look around this topic.