About us

About us

Purpose: To help companies with creative marketing ideas and web development that will drive growth in their marketplaces. To take companies out of plateaus until they get acquired or are able to hire their in-house creative team. To provide support to organizations of all sizes.

Passion: The whole web environment, apps, design, film, brainstorming, and seeing people’s smiles when they go through a complete brand transformation.

A note from the founder

Before thinking about creating assets or designing eye-catching websites, we at PHRUTOS first think about how well we can nurture human interactions to be as fruitful as possible, working on original ways to achieve connections and help other minds to bloom and grow.

PHRUTOS meaning:

Searching for a single word to convey our mission, it was my father’s figure that came to mind. He, a humble business owner who treated each person with the utmost respect, has left a big influence on me.

That’s how the idea hit me. I wanted to develop a brand that could connect with people worldwide while carrying a value he cared about: human relations. So, I blended English with my native language.  The PH comes from the English phoneme and RUTOS from the Portuguese word frutos (fruits – of a good relationship), forming a positive resonating word that intrigues the reader, and creates a willing quest for meaning in one’s mind. 

Anyone who has ever tried to say the PHRUTOS for the first time gets it right. Plus, my father’s legacy lives on every time it’s mentioned. 

Antonio Guedes / Founder

Meet the team

Antonio Guedes

Founder / Senior Developer


Raylane Cruz

Web Designer


Lucas Francisco

Media Director / Photographer


Tatiana Cesso

Copywriter / PR

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We help business worldwide

We help business worldwide

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