QVLN’s signature, modern roots sound is a musical extension of his American, Mexican, and Brazilian heritage.

As a gifted multi-instrumentalist and performer, QVLN (pronounced Q-Violin) expresses his passions for love, life, and dance with his voice, violin, guitar, and percussion.  Overflowing with creative and cultural curiosity, QVLN is on the road about 200 days a year performing at clubs, festivals, and cultural centers–and for people in remote parts of the world that commercial music bypasses.  His dedication to bringing live music to often-neglected communities hasn’t gone unnoticed.  In 2015, QVLN had the honor of representing the United States as part of the State Department’s American Music Abroad program, in conjunction with long-time collaborator Oveous and a talented group of musicians who reside in Los Angeles.

QVLN is also an accomplished dancer and capoeirista, which explains how he could pull off this one-take music video for the song Run Like The Wind.

With a full calendar of shows and musical collaborations slated for release this year, QVLN represents the best of the independent, artistic spirit that makes Los Angeles a creative leader on the world stage.

Sunny Day Video Clip