In today’s fast-paced business world, companies must adapt to changing market trends and consumer preferences. One such company that has successfully navigated this challenge is Koncert (formerly known as ConnectLeader). Founded in 2004 , the company has come a long way in its journey of growth and transformation.

Empowering Sales with Cutting-Edge Solutions

Koncert is a sales engagement platform that helps businesses accelerate their sales cycle and increase revenue. Its suite of products includes Five sales dialers, email automation, and lead management tools. With over 500 customers across various industries, Koncert has established itself as a leader in the sales technology space.

The company’s annual revenue has been steadily increasing over the years. This growth can be attributed to its focus on innovation and customer-centric approach. Koncert’s products are designed to meet the specific needs of sales teams, enabling them to work more efficiently and effectively.

In terms of historical data, Koncert has received numerous awards and recognitions for its innovative products and services.

Reinventing the Brand: The Game-Changing Rebrand

One of the significant milestones in Koncert’s journey was its rebranding from ConnectLeader in 2020. The company underwent a complete overhaul of its brand identity, including a new name, logo, and website, which was created here at PHRUTOS. The rebranding aimed to better reflect the company’s vision and values and position it for future growth.

The rebranding has proven to be a game-changer for Koncert. It has helped the company differentiate itself from competitors and establish a unique identity in the market. The new brand has also resonated well with customers, leading to increased brand awareness and customer acquisition.

Pioneering the Future of Sales Technology

Since the rebranding, Koncert has experienced significant growth in its customer base. The company has also expanded its product offerings, introducing new features and integrations to enhance its platform’s functionality.


Overall, Koncert’s journey from ConnectLeader to its current avatar has been one of growth, transformation, and success. The company’s focus on innovation, customer-centric approach, and rebranding has helped it establish itself as a leader in the sales technology space. With its suite of products and commitment to excellence, Koncert is poised for continued growth and success in the years to come.

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