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Acquisition Marks a Milestone in the Industry and Boosts Tugboat Logic’s Success

Tugboat Logic, a pioneering company that provides an automated security assurance platform, recently joined OneTrust, a global leader in privacy, security, and trust software, to accelerate its growth. OneTrust acquired Tugboat Logic on September 9th, 2021, marking a significant milestone for both companies and poised to further propel Tugboat Logic’s success in the industry.

Leading the Way in Automated Security Assurance

Since its establishment in 2017, Tugboat Logic quickly emerged as a frontrunner in the automated security assurance sector. Their cutting-edge platform enables organizations to automate compliance processes, mitigate risks, and enhance overall security posture. Esteemed clients like Zoom, Fiverr, and Segment have trusted Tugboat Logic’s innovative approach, and renowned firms such as In-Q-Tel and Emergence Capital have invested substantially in the company.

According to Crunchbase data, Tugboat Logic raised an impressive $12.9 million in funding across three rounds, supporting its rapid revenue growth. Although undisclosed, estimates suggest the company achieved a remarkable expansion of over 300% in the past year alone.

In addition to its remarkable growth, Tugboat Logic has already accomplished several notable milestones. Gartner recognized them as a Cool Vendor in Security Operations and Threat Intelligence in 2020, and they achieved a leadership position in the G2 Grid for Security Policy Management.

Recognized Excellence and Rebranding Initiatives

Furthermore, Tugboat Logic completed an exciting website rebranding initiative in collaboration with PHRUTOS, a renowned web development and design agency. The revamped website showcases Tugboat Logic’s commitment to a seamless user experience, modern design, and enhanced functionality. The partnership with PHRUTOS reflects Tugboat Logic’s dedication to staying at the forefront of innovation and delivering exceptional value to its customers and stakeholders.

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A Synergistic Acquisition and Mutual Benefits

The acquisition by OneTrust is set to bring mutual benefits to both companies, amplifying their respective successes. With over 10,000 customers across 100 countries, OneTrust will fortify its position in the security assurance domain through the acquisition of Tugboat Logic. Simultaneously, Tugboat Logic will gain access to new resources and market opportunities, leveraging OneTrust’s global reach and extensive expertise.

Final thoughts

In conclusion, OneTrust’s acquisition of Tugboat Logic marks a significant milestone in the automated security assurance industry. Tugboat Logic’s remarkable growth trajectory and innovative approach have solidified its leadership position. The completed website rebranding with PHRUTOS further highlights Tugboat Logic’s commitment to excellence. This strategic acquisition is expected to unlock new avenues of success for both companies, propelling them to even greater heights.

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