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Increase sales by 8% by optimizing web page vitals. Imagine what all that extra money can do for your business.

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We offer competitive site speeds and VPS setups that will beat any service, and it will make your site fly!

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Service features

Next-gen development and invaluable customer experience

Industry best practices

We have over 8 years of experience working with web development industry best practices.

Caching Configuration

The best caching rules are applied at server and CDN levels. See specifics CMS FAQs.


Advanced setup for sites running a WooCommerce store for a delightful user experience.

Database Clean Up

Safely removes the junk that blocks your database and slows website performance.

Image Optimization

Ultimate image compression and upload configuration to stop worrying about image overloads.


A must for every site. It makes sure that your site first shows what’s essential for users.

Hosting Migration

If you need to upgrade your server, we can migrate your site with zero interruptions.

CDN Implementation

Have your content delivered worldwide from the nearest location to your users via CDN.

Google Tag Manager

Advance techniques to make sure your scripts are fired at the right time, increasing site speed.

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We’ve optimized hundreds of sites and can help make yours load lightning fast too!

Small Biz

$199/ flat fee

My website is simple
I don’t run online ads


  • 1 Basic setup
  • Image compression
  • CDN basic setup
  • GTM optimization
  • Complex Image Deployment

Backed by our 30 day warranty!

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$499/ flat fee

My website is extensive
I run online ads

All from Small Biz plus:

  • 1 Corporate setup
  • Database cleanup
  • CDN advance setup
  • GTM optimization
  • Complex Image Deployment

Backed by our 30 day warranty!

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$999/ flat fee

My website is so complex
it’s hard to explain

All from Corporate plus:

  • 1 Enterprise setup
  • Extensive server analysis
  • Dedicated support
  • GTM optimization+
  • Complex Image Deployment

Backed by our 30 day warranty!

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Optimization FAQs

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Get in touch! We offer enterprise-level services for robust WordPress, HubSpot, and Webflow sites.

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“The PHRUTOS team is fast, responsive, and great to work with. They take the time to understand our goals and help us find the best possible way to achieve them. They have a great eye for design and areas where things can be improved (visually, performance-wise, and for our user experience) across the site.”

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Mike D.

Managing Director/Agency Owner
Mid-Market (51-1000 emp.) – G2 Review

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PHRUTOS can bring your ideas to life with ease. We have 50+ amazing professionals around the world at your finger tips.

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We got what it takes to center all your branding and development in one place. No matter the problem, we adapt and help you grow.

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Our goal is to keep things moving forward and up! We can provide one dedicated project manager based in the USA to assist with your success.

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Frequently asked questions

About our 30 days warranty2022-01-27T16:52:39-08:00

We guarantee our service for 30 days. If you are not satisfied with the performance of your site, you can request a full refund. We will have to run a final website inspection to confirm our setup hasn’t been modified by anyone other than our technicians to issue the refund. Please, fill out this form to get request a refund.

We cannot process a refund if:

• The pages we optimized have been modified not following our best practices guidelines (you will get one after each job completion).

• Your server has changed.

• You tweaked any of our configurations yourself in the backend.

Why is my site slow?2022-01-04T09:57:32-08:00

There are many reasons why, but here are the main ones:

1) Server: your hosting is the most crucial factor that influences how fast things get to your users. We have sites on high-frequency servers that don’t use a caching plugin at all, only an image compressor and a nice server-level caching and CDN rules;

2) Website structure: that has to do with how your website was built, which foundation was used to create your pages, and what current tools or plugins are possibly draining your resources (server);

3) Large images: this goes without saying, but a site with properly compressed images is a must! Also, some websites (with high-traffics) require images to be delivered by a third-party service for smaller devices;

4) Scripts: there are 2 basic types, cookies, and applications. Cookies are all the marketing tools you need in order to attract and delight your customers. Everything should be managed in Google Tag Manager, and that also needs optimization in order to not block the rendering of your pages. Applications scripts are tools inside your website that should be tackled on a case-by-case scenario, in some cases removed and/or substituted for better ones.

5) CDN: again, another must-have. There are free and paid CDN (Content Delivery Network) services. We will assess your website and advise you if you should invest further in it. All packages come with a basic FREE CDN setup via Cloudflare;

6) Fonts: if you use too many font types, you are doomed to have a slow site. Fonts require server requests for each font-weight. We need to make some decisions and go with the ones that suit better your needs. Sometimes, avoiding Google Fonts and hosting only necessary ones yourself saves you a lot of resources.

Will my site be fast forever?2021-12-23T23:08:06-08:00

Most configurations we run are valid for your whole site, while others will be specific to a particulate page. If you change things in the backend or modify the plugins, source codes, add more tools like scripts and marketing pixels, you will need incremental optimization. We will give you clear instructions after our job is complete, what to do, and what not to do to maintain a good speed across your site.

Do I need to change my server?2022-01-13T23:26:18-08:00

Initially, no. We will do an assessment at your current server. On a case-by-case basis, we will recommend you upgrade your server to a VPS, which provides a virtual high-frequency machine that will be just yours. You can upgrade your package on checkout if you wish to go for a new faster server. We will do the migration of your site for free!

If you have any other pre-sale questions, please get in touch with our support.

Will you back up my site before starting the job?2021-12-12T01:06:44-08:00

Yes. We always perform a full backup of your site before we start any optimization. We will discuss details with your prior, so we can go over the specifics of your particular site. Usually, WordPress installations are very easy to backup, while HubSpot and other CMS are more complicated. We are used to working with all, though.

Does it work for any site?2021-12-31T20:33:23-08:00

The principles are the same for almost all platforms. We work well in WordPress, HubSpot, and Webflow environments. If you have a special case, like React, or a complicated project, please get in touch so we can make an initial assessment to make sure we can help you.

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